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by Constantine  nov 2, 2019

rubi standing with chocolate from moldHere are a few articles about us in the 'real world.' 

We called the Ridgewood Times and Anthony Giudice wrote a beautiful two page article about us.

An excellent article in Bushwick Daily by talented writer Alyssa Fisher and photographed by Travis American 
She was in Ecuador making chocolate, so she knew everything about it.

A documentary, Oct 2017 on Vimeo by Hanna Utkin

About Us

We are all in a unique situation.   We sell completely unrelated products.
The motivation to make chocolate was two-fold: my partners' desire to remedy her ailments using the health benefits in textured chocolate; that she knew exists in her country; and mine: upon tasting the chocolate I was transformed/enlightened to what she created. When we first started our chocolate adventure, we gave out samples to people passing outside our store. We learned through these interactions. We were encouraged to continue.

We did not go to Chocolate shows to get vetted (too expensive). Nor did we take advice from 'Fine' chocolate organizations.
We also reached out in the community stores in the neighborhood to sell our chocolate.
We realized that it takes a great deal of physical activity to travel distant locations, especially with the pandemic.

We hand-shell the cocoa beans after roasting. Maximum yield, full-spectrum taste and aromas, and no waste.
The benefits:
1. premium vs. cheap;
2. small batch vs. large batch;
3. textured vs. smooth;
4. strong aroma vs. little aroma;
5. robust roasted chocolate vs. subdued;
6. clean finish vs. lingering gooey aftertaste;
7. chocolate notes vs. overwhelming sweetness;
8. satisfied vs. sweet come-on's;
9. medicinal vs. sugary treat.

We shell from the smallest to the largest, by hand.   
Every bean from the cacao goes into our chocolate bar. 
A full spectrum of taste awaits, the medicinal effects of: 'the food of the gods', -- as nature intended.
The next step is yours, are you sufficiently intrigued? Buy one, or more as you travel through a lifetime of chocolate experiences.