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The Only 
Hand Shelled
Chocolate in the World

by ConstantineFeb 1, 2023

We can only make healthy chocolate by discerning each step and paying health-minded attention to the ingredients. First, of course, the essential first ingredient is sugar. Using natural sugar, which has a glycemic index of 43, we can even serve people with diabetes.
Next, we distinguish ourselves from all other makers by hand shelling the cocoa beans. This step requires a laborious audacious (to the chocolate industry, "I get the desire to create healthy chocolate....the labor-intensive nature of hand peeling the beans adds zero benefits to the chocolate…Instead, it adds one thing -- higher costs." ) process and plenty of patience, directly affecting the outcome.
The benefit of this method is we examine each bean. We are alert for foul-smelling or insect-infested beans. Hand shelling ensures no shell casing, dirt, or pulp will be in your bar. For the sensitive Green Community, you can be sure that no cocoa particles will be wasted and in the garbage.

Side-note: even Google was stumped by the research on "hand shelled."

We define Rare chocolate as five or six pounds of cacao beans transformed into chocolate bars. Why so little? It's tedious but worth it.

Each bar is one (1) ounce and contains 24 squares.

Here are our superlatives:
extravagant - lacking restraint in using resources;
laboriously - requiring much work, exertion, or perseverance;
Exorbitant describes something that has an unreasonably high cost, something extravagant—Bean-to-bar hand-shelled cocoa beans. 

A once-in-a-lifetime experience." Like no chocolate bar, you've ever tasted in your life." @70andabovechocolate.

Learned advice: The chocolate must remain in your mouth as long as possible. Isolate from other activities. Focus on the melt. Let the cocoa butter melt.
One square after meals, and repeat three times a day to condition your brain to this level of natural sweetness. Do this for eight days, and you can easily detect which foods have high fructose corn syrup because our sugar is Sucanat, three (3) times less sweet, therefore not a trigger for another.

News and Links

by Constantine  nov 2, 2019

rubi standing with chocolate from moldHere are a few articles about us in the 'real world.' 

We called the Ridgewood Times and Anthony Giudice wrote a beautiful two page article about us.

An excellent article in Bushwick Daily by talented writer Alyssa Fisher and photographed by Travis American 
She was in Ecuador making chocolate, so she knew everything about it.

A documentary, Oct 2017 on Vimeo by Hanna Utkin

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