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It's been an interesting period in our transformation, from houseware to chocolate. Read the background story in the News menu.

I would like to share with you our experience with the word 'fresh' in regards to chocolate. The primary way we can differentiate our chocolate from all others, is by when it was made. Featured prominently on the front panel of our packaging is the 'Roast date'. In the process of transforming the cocoa bean to chocolate: the beans are roasted, shelled, fed into the melanger, which crushes the beans to a smooth paste, called chocolate liquor.
It's at this stage where we take a prudent, yet diverge from the industry. The connoisseur believes that the chocolate should be smoothened for 35 hours, to achieve a particle size of 40 microns. Our opinion is that smoothing for 4 hours is okay. There are several advantages for the graininess:
1.When you are cleaning your mouth of chocolate, with your tongue, you can easily detect where the graininess is.
2. grainy cocoa is a sign that we had cocoa beans to start with.
3. the larger the grain size, the less oxidation occurs to the chocolate, thus the flavor of the chocolate is retained